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Hihero is committed to quality in every aspect of the operation and satisfying our customers. We will put our best efforts to develop and produce more high value-added products and provide excellent customer service by providing what the customers want. Since we understand that the only way to remain competitive in this increasingly competitive environment is to provide products and services differentiated from those of other companies. We will invest in the management that focuses on technology by pumping money into R&D to stay on the cutting edge and keep providing a competitive product to the truck tire Industry.

Not only focusing on investing in R&D and developing future-oriented, we also continue to invest more in the global market in order to maintain our competitive edge.

Our company will grow with you, our customers. We want to hear from you, our partners, because we believe that one step forward with you is much more precious than the ten steps we take by ourselves. Our website reflects these goals, achievements, and philosophies. We hope you enjoy your online experience and involve yourself with the new and exciting things that Hihero has to offer.

Phol Pisitkasem
Managing Director